My Story

My Story And How I Can Help

Several years ago, I discovered there is a new way to help a loved one.

I was addicted and using for over 7 years, right in front of my family – sneaking around, wasting time, and using in stolen moments.

I remember my family wanting me to quit, and not knowing how to help.

I remember wanting to quit so bad. I remember wanting to quit, but not knowing how.

Even though my family wanted to help – we were all lost about what to do.

My family was not united on what to do about it. That turned out to be a bigger issue than my using. Which might surprise you.

I had tried to quit many times before, unsuccessfully.

Until one night I’d had enough.

I decided to come clean and accept the consequences, whatever they might be.

Through this process I united my family and started a Family Council of support that became my foundation for success and carried me through treatment and ultimately freed me from using.

We all needed understanding and a system or structure to walk us though this journey. This is why I like to talk to people on the phone.

If you’d like some clarity on what to do, let’s chat, just you and me, and I can share more of my story and how it can help you, too.